We pride ourselves as being the John Lewis LTD of the building trade where tradesmen are our investors

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1. Handyman.co.uk in the Market Place

Andy Morrison, founder of Handyman.co.uk and his son Christopher have built an online and off line reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of home and small business repair and handyman services in north and central London, due to the company’s good workmanship, and strict code of conduct customers always ask them to recommend other trades, due to this constant demand they have now extended their range of services and their coverage across the UK.

By using the experience gained in developing Handyman.co.uk, Andy, with founder of textatradesman.ie David Murphy, have decided to run the concept of TextaTradesman.ie alongside Handyman.co.uk to provide a reliable and easy conduit between businesses, homeowners builders, specific tradesmen as well as handymen via their mobile devices They now cover all trades.

2. The Competition in the Market Place

None of our competitors are pursuing a similar breadth of vision to us by taking advantage of the importance of smartphones to tradesmen and customers. Many competitors have little vetting in place, bringing negative feedback towards the industry. Just one example is Gumtree, part of eBay, who have no knowledge of the trade, and to join the advertiser only requires a valid credit card and a mobile phone. (To read about the darker side of Gumtree, click here.) Why Join Handyman.co.uk ? we are in and know the industry.

Only we offer a real no quibble workmanship guarante to custmers and the opportunity for tradesmen to use our uniqe platform to capitalise on the exponential increase in smartphone use whilst also slashing their marketing budget to just 50p a day,all backed up with a 24/7 dedicated customer service and full 24/7 support for our tradesmen. Our key design aims are ease of use, mobile access, minimal keyboard strokes required and, most importantly, the opportunity for tradesmen to be part of a strong and trusted establesed online brand.We limit customers search to 4 trades to chose from per territory to avoid quoting wars, To view press this (link)

For a further insight, view our videos below

  • A preview of the joining procedure for tradesmen: click.
  • An overview of the concept and the founder Andy: click.
  • We offer our customers a workmanship guarantee: click.

3. TextaTradesman.ie?

Founders Andy Morrison of Handyman.co.uk and David Murphy of TextaTradesman.ie have set out to rectify the bad reputation the trade has online due to ‘rogue traders’. Together, they are amalgamating a network of 45,000 top class builders, specific tradesmen and handymen in one place with a simple way for customers to reach them directly via any one of their 25 niche smartphone websites that enable the customer’s search to be defined and targeted to individual tradesmen.

As an early internet pioneer and one of the first tradesmen to use a mobile to gain business, Andy Morrison foresaw the impact the internet would have in winning business. As far back as 1996, when the internet was still in its infancy, Andy saw the potential to buy relevant construction names for future use with search engines such as Handyman.co.uk, GeneralBuilders.co.uk, SmallBuilders.co.uk, DerelictProperty.co.uk, EndofTenancy.co.uk Scaffolders.co.uk and many more, whilst his competitors looked – and still look – on.

In 2014, Andy and David discovered the phrase “text” is used by 60% of the population as part of daily life, and Google stats reveal that consumers search for individual trades on search engines by the areas tradesmen specialise in – for example, “bricklayer”, “plasterer” and “builder”. Based on these findings, they chose to bring the word ‘Texta’ into a search term to find tradesmen on the internet, e.g. TextaPlumber.co.uk, TextaPlasterer.co.uk, TextaTiler.co.uk. “Texta” is memorable, “Plumber” is memorable, so “TextaPlumber.co.uk” is surely unforgettable, and the concept was born.

4. High St Marketing & On The Net.

Street marketing and exhibitions have always been an important part of Andy’s marketing strategy; he has led a popular and successful advertising campaign as the founder of Handyman.co.uk that is recognised nationwide for its unique and entertaining high street presence, bringing in new customers and interest while making the brands unforgettable. View, as a million others already have founder Andy’s Morrison’s YouTube media presence on the High Street as ‘the Singing Handyman’ of London – click here.

Over the last 2 years we have established all the branding and developed the desktop and 25 mobile TextA websites. all the SEOs are in place ensuring that we can be found on all popular search engines. ,whilst maintaining our leading-edge technology position.

5. Join & Receive £200 In Shares.

..and also £100 direct from the HMRC by return!

  • You become part of a network of top tradesmen
  • We take advantage of the government’s SEIS Incentive .
  • Through our platform, tradesmen become investors.
  • John Lewis Ltd has a workers’ partnership in the retail sector…
  • Royal Mail has a workers’ partnership in the service sector…
  • Now TextaTradesman have a partnership in the building sector
  • Click the button below to receive a shares partnership pack

Become a member/shareholder ? 50p a day see the SEIS explainer video above.

What have you got to lose ? £300, a years marketing, and your local Handyman territory,